Mounted Shooting

Foggy and I would like to welcome you to our Mounted Shooting page.
Ya'll come on in and sit a spell...

In loving memory of Mom - Kathie Jo Hatrick...


Kathie Jo at 17yrs aboard 'Blue Dog' 
Bareback Bronc Norco Rodeo, CA 1958


8 year old Kathie Jo on ''Goldie"

Pictured here at 16 years old. Kathie Jo went on to become a trick rider.

Photo by Jon Woolf



"Take that you pesky baloons"!

 Ruger and Cathie win thier L-2 class at the Regional State Championships 2014

 Jeanne Lewis took this great shot


Ruger and Cathie Killing those pesky balloons!

 Cathie and Ruger at Ma State Shoot 8-24-2014  2nd place Ladies level 2

22nd out of 39 riders. Not bad for only attending 2 or 3 shoots per year.


Cathie and Ruger at the MA State Shoot at Chippaway Stables.

Lining up the next blue balloon. Photo by Sue McGinty


Cowboy Mounted Shooting Demo, Saturday, November 5, 2005
Uxbridge, MA

In keeping with the theme of my clothing I rode bareback the first stage

Durring the first stage when Cachina zigged and I zagged, I was lucky to stay astride, but opted to put the saddle back on. I admire Native American's riding skill.


Although I normally ride in a Dr. Cooks
bitless bridle, I opted for a rope halter
for authenticity.

This is was our first time shooting in public. This was a demonstration only! Not an official match, we were greenhorns to the sport.

"Thanks to Jody Joyce for taking some beautiful shots"


 Cachina placed 1st in her first 3 competitions as a L1 

We moved up to a Ladies Level 3 in "08" our third year in the sport.
Photo by Aida Schreiber.

Now you see it

Photo's by Paul Tassi

Now you don't!

Cowgirls have more fun!
Helen Cheney on Violet, Cathie on Ruger.
Mothers Day 2011 New Boston, NH

And here in 2012 a year later, we had not competed or practiced since last year

Ruger was awesome, me... I need to practice!

Cachina and Cathie  2006? CT

Cachina was sold in "08" but back home in 2012 Laughing


Ruger and Cathie 2010

Cathie and Cachina 

This was taken at the benefit for
Love Lane Therapeutic Riding Facility

Christy Hatrick preparing run (trot) at her first
Cowboy Mounted Shooting event. She came in 2nd in her class.
This was her 14th time in the saddle.
Woo Hoo!


Dorothy and her little dog Toto

Cathie and Cachina Halloween Shoot

My ruby slippers are hidden by the tapadero's. Photo by Ron Pownel


Ross Taylor was under the black cloth, I had to be still for over 10 minutes for this pose.

Shooting Lessons available at Bobcat Farm dry fire only will travel to another location to for live fire
Call for details click here to see a student's video of her first session
Look at Mothers Day shot (Photo above) Helen and her own horse Violet.

     All of the horses pictured on this page are ridden bitless, they have all been trained to shoot bitless.


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