$75.00 per hour if you bring your horse to my farm. We'll work on whatever you are having trouble with.

  Horsemanship  lessons using my trained  horses at my farm. $50.00 per hour.

(introductory rate of $40.00 for first lesson).


  These are not mounted, ground work, leading lunging, liberty work, directing the horse over obstacles making sure you can communicate your request to the horse in a fluid manner without confusing your horse, risking aggression, or making your horse over fearfull. Learn new task/skills/tips to take home to your horse, or just get your confidence back.

 Farm call - travel rate has gone DOWN and will remain the same for 2017

When I travel to you, no matter how close, there is a two hour minimum@ $75.00 per hour so $150.00 for two hours of me working with you and your horse plus a  farm call

(When the price of gas went down I reduced the FC)

If you are one and a half hours away, I need a minimum of 3 hours of work.

If you are 2 hours away, I need 4 or 5 hours of work, as I will be on the road for over 4 hours of just drive time alone. You can split sessions with a friend/co-boarder.

(Payments can be made if that will help you out).

Farm Call = Travel time and gas. (rates below)

  I  require a *non refundable $50.00 deposit for off farm clients to hold your day/time. Check or money order made out to

Cathie Hatrick-Anderson

270 Mendon Street, Upton MA 01568

*If it rains or is below freezing I'll apply the deposit to an alternate date.


Because of the nature of my job, traveling throughout New England,

I require a 72 hour notice (yes that is 3 whole days) if you need to cancel this needs to be done by telephone, (508) 479-5266 to avoid a $50.00 cancellation fee. 

cancellation fee for $40.00 horsemanship lesson @ Bobcat Farm $40.00 unless you give me 3 days notice

cancellation fee for $50.00 horsemanship lesson  $50.00 unless you give me three days notice. 

          Cancellation fee for $75.00 1 hour truck in to my farm  is $75.00 unless you give me three days notice.

 Please CALL, do NOT e-mail me with changes or cancellations. I do NOT have a secretary manning my computer. I will not get a message from facebook when I am on the road or outside working with horses.

I appreciate your business and I arrive promptly at the time we have scheduled.  If I run more than 10 minutes late, which is rare, I will phone you. I know you have a busy schedule.

 If you cancel for any personal reason, even with the 72 hour notice, I'll bet I still won't find someone to take your 10:00 am appointment on Thursday in NH or 1:00pm spot on Friday morning in CT  or at my place at your particular hour time slot.

I do understand things happen but please understand. I have the same endless bills as you do. Being self employed has it's joys but it also has the down side of jumping through hoops when people cancel, countless hours in early morning or late night to answer e-mails as well as phone time to answer training questions. Buying my own health insurance, liability insurance and putting aside money in the good weather to pay my taxes. It gets a little lean in the Winter. I am not complaining I love my job, just want folks to know It's not all gravy.

I love a day off but it does not get the bills paid. As a horse owner you know how much time daily horse care takes.

My husband and I are the only farm hands taking care of all the chores related to our own horses and farm amimals, almost a full time job as we feed hay five times a day.

You can share a session with another boarder/friend. You will both get a private hour, unless you need two and you can split the farm call in half. 

I hour away from my Upton MA home = $70.00 farm call for you.

45 minutes away =$ 55.00 farm call

30 minutes away = $35.00 farm call

under 30 minutes $20.00 farm call

(My vets that are 20 minutes from me charge a $60.00 - $65.00 farm call)

1 hour and 15 minutes = $90.00 farm call. 

1 and 30 minutes  = $120.00 farm call for you.

2 hour drive for me = $160.00 farm call for you.

For me the  actual drive time is doubled. If you are an hour from me, your two hour session is  a half a day for me.

Although I am first and foremost a horse trainer. I am a licensed by the state of MA as an instructor. (You could say I am over qualified)  I carry liability insurance with Farm Family. Please check out my testimonial page. (You will get your moneys worth) I gladly provide follow up phone support, to answer questions, trouble shoot and problems before or after our visit.

Prices subject to change... please call for quotes if you are not sure.. - last updated 1/18/2017

Thanks so much for visiting!

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