Beach Riding April or Oct only.

 Myself and my horse Ruger, and a amazing sunset! I handed my cell phone to a guy on the

beach and this amazing photo came out.


From a scenic ride to the ocean, a serene journey along the beach, to a delectable seafood lunch, I had a fantastic experience and would eagerly do it again.  Cathie’s expertise and experience made our day truly seamless.  She prioritized safety for both us riders and her horses, as well as other beach visitors.  Additionally, her teaching and training skills were evident, especially since neither myself nor the other rider had previously ridden at the ocean.  Cathie ensured that we explored the entire beachfront, from cruising along the shoreline to striking poses with the horses on large rocks, amidst tall grass, and even wading in the waves.  It was an absolute blast.

I deeply appreciated the opportunity to spend the day with Cathie and her horses at the beach.  This is an experience I will cherish forever~ Lisa Gagnon 2/9/24


I had the most amazing beach ride!! It was on my bucket list for a while, decided to check it off. Cathie had it all planned out, the horses were amazing. We lucked out with beautiful weather.  It was a perfect day!!  Can’t wait to do it again!!! Julie Squires 1/30/24

I have been wanting to ride on the beach for a long time. Cathie made the trip safe, fun, and adventurous! Cantering and galloping in the water during the sunset was definitely one of the highlights of my year.The ride lasted for about 2 hours total, where we walked miles along the beach. The beach was very nice, soft sand, not a lot of seaweed, and respectful passerbys. The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny in April 2023.The sunset was beautiful, which resulted in a lot of beautiful pictures. After the ride was over, Cathie bought us lunch at Seafood Sam's, which had amazing seafood after a long drive and a long ride. It was a stunning experience that will be the highlight of my riding career and will never forget!  Gabriella Ferraz  1/28 2024

Well, check one more thing off from my Bucket List: Riding a Horse on the Beach. Cathie Hatrick Anderson organized a trip to Linnell Landing on the Cape yesterday and allowed me to ride one of her horses. Frostbite was a real trooper and gamely carried me all along the shoreline. The scenery was breath-taking. I had a wonderful time and would love to do it again. Memories for a life time. Thank you Cathie!! Gail McCarthy 4/20/2023

This was Norma's new horse and it was worth it to her to go with a horse, and a trainer that had been there before. Norma and Lucky now have the confidence to do this on her own.

Cathie Hatrick-Anderson my friend and exceptional horse trainer/instructor who brought Lucky and me to the beach along with her beautiful paint, Jasper. Thank you SO much for helping me fulfill a lifelong dream of riding my own horse on the beaches of the Cape!!  Norma Fay Oct 2022


 I have ALWAYS wanted to ride on the beach. Cathie gave me that amazing gift and memory I will have forever.  Her horse Cachina was so well behaved and took great care of me, she went right in the water without hesitation.  It was one of the best weekends I have ever had, I could literally not stop smiling!! If you are looking for a trustworthy trainer and horse to take you on a beach ride Cathie and her horses are the ones to take you there. Every horse person I know has this on their bucket list, why not check it off? I am so happy I did and can't wait to do it again!! Thank you Cathie and Cachina for this amazing experience. Emoji Emoji (still smiling)   Daron Smith

Is beach riding on your bucket list? My paint mare Cachina making Michelle's dream come true!

I had the best time of my life this past Sunday. A sunset ride on the beach, with great horses and a great trainer. Cathie is calm and encouraging whether you've never ridden or like me a little rusty. She makes your experience fun and memorable. I'd never ridden using a bitless bridle and I'm truly a strong believer in nothing else now. So much kinder to your horse and it felt no different than a bit. I recommend Cathie to anyone who wants to learn to ride or has a horse who needs some better manners she is the best.  Michelle Flannery Carroll 10/2015


After the beach ride, a stop at Seafood Sams where there is a huge parking lot out back. Horses get the windows down, ocean breeze and eating hay while we have a great lunch! My good friend Kathy has allowed me to bring along friends with me for a girls get away. But when I take you for a bucket list beach ride it's just you and me.

This is what Annette had to say about our riding lessons, before our beach ride. "I have been looking for a long time to find a horseback riding facility where I would be able to take lessons on natural trails. Not only did I find that at Bobcat Farm, but also with a very talented and excellent riding instructor named Cathie Hatrick-Anderson. You will feel absolutely safe and yet also learn a tremendous amount about horsemanship. Finally Cathie is also incredibly patient - which is a wonderful bonus. I now gladly travel each week to Bobcat Farm to learn more about horses and to improve my riding as an adult learner. It works! I might repeat myself but this place is absolutely wonderful. Her lessons are filled with useful information and are very reasonably priced. It might sound exaggerated, I have no idea why anybody would go to another place to pay more money and get less riding instructions. This is the real deal. Annette Busch" 6/17/2015

img 0664-resized

                                                                      These two ladies were able to cross that one off their list.

                                                                                 To see Ruger's first time at Sandy Neck Beach, click here Beach riding

Ruger's and Cachina are now ole pro's now click here Beach riding to see more

To see Violet's first time at Sandy Neck click here Beach Riding

Oh what a feeling, we spent a wonderful day at the beach Ruger and Violets first experience was a great one!


  Who wants to go to ride on the beach? Unless you are bringing your own horse,  you must be a student at Bobcat Farm, and demonstrate your abilty to ride outside of the ring. (Few exceptions) Helmets required, can remove for photo op only.


Since this will kill an entire day (It takes two hours to get there, plus a lot of time to prepare trailer to be ready for horses and travel/clean up at end, I do all the prep and clean up) one hour to Bourne bridge and one hour to Linnell Landing)  price is $650.00 for a day you'll never forget!  If two students go, same trip will be reduced price of  $425.00 each.

Includes lunch or dinner at Seafood Sams (bar tab not included)

Day starts out with a quick stop for a breakfast sandwich, right before we arrive at the beach. We will off load horses, groom pick feet, and tack up, and ride right out, Ride includes two full hours at your pace during low tide. Ride one of my horses, or yours same price. I will get some nice photo’s and video of you with your own camera. If you want to canter in the water you must ride bareback or we can use my synthetic saddle or use your own tack as the salt water is not good for my leather saddles. After the ride we untack, groom horses, and walk then back to beach (it's a stones throw from the trailer) and allow them to roll in the sand,


take a few more pictures, load them up, drive to Seafood Sams. We relax, horses relax and eat their hay. We drive back to the farm. I take care of all clean up.

We can go any weekday in April, possibly a weekend if I have it available, but I worry about more traffic/people. In Fall, the beach is open to horses Oct 6th till it’s too cold to ride on the beach. I need to check tide charts for available days.


                       Japer has been to the beach four times now, He took to it like a duck to water.

img 1066-2-resized

                                                                  Ruger and I having fun along the beach!

                                                                                                                     Cachina at Salisbury Beach


 Last updated 2/10/24


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