Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Mustangs

Shiloh - My first Mustang Stallion

My husband and I are proud past adopters of a BLM  3 year old mustang stallion. In less than a year, I was riding him in a hand-tied halter and bareback. Training Shiloh was a wonderful experience!

It was very rewarding to gain his trust and to be able to give pony rides to kids on him (pictured right in an Oliga bridle)

Well, Cathie, you're a woman of God-given talent when it comes to working with horses! You are a born natural at it. Cathie had my Mustang, Comanche, at her facility last month to "get the buck out of him." He was seriously cinchy and would go into a buck once saddled that would make the rodeo goers salivate. Fearless, courageous, and mightily talented, Cathie worked with him but 1 or 2 days before she mounted him and had him walk and trot like a real gentleman. I believe it was on day 5 that she said to me, "Okay, let's hit the trail." "What?! Holy, moly are you serious, Cathie?" Oh, yeah, she was serious. Out on the trail we went as she schooled him the whole time to go through bushes, water, to take the lead and to follow. Well, my Mustang who spent 2 1/2 years in the wild before I adopted him is now back home and being ridden by me (a mere novice rider). And the final proud and happy comment - he's being ridden BITLESS. Thank you, Cathie, my no-nonsense, practical, and talented trainer for making my dream possible. Give Cathie a whirl and if you keep your eyes, ears, and mind open, you'll learn as much as your horse does. This lady comes with my highest recommendation. 

Jane Ingersoll-Mahoney, Spencer, MA

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