If you'd like to host a clinic at your farm, participants with a horse $100.00 for one hour session 4 hour minimum and partial farm call.

Auditors $25-$30.00 Read details below.

If you prefer you can truck your horse to my farm for your own private session. $100.00 per hour.


Interested in hosting a clinic? 

My most popular clinics are those that are custom tailored to individual participants, these are NOT group sessions. They are one horse at a time. After your session, watch the rest.

When I travel off farm participants pay on average $120.00 - $150.00 for one hour of private attention on what matters most to them. Farm call built built into price per hour time slot.

Auditors/spectators will likely see many of the issues they are experiencing with their own mounts addressed during these session for a reasonable fee.

Popular trouble areas are problems with lunging, leading, standing to be mounted, bad attitude, aggression, spooking, balking, bolting, jigging, evading the bit, or pushing through the bit, transition to bitless, head shaking, bucking and more. Or we can do  for 1/2 hour each horse and handler. Simple quick fix problems like leading without crowding, stand to be mounted, stall aggression etc.

Participants must pre register and pre pay.  Host Farm recieves 1/2 the profit from auditors/spectators.

These clinics are usually planned a month or two in advance.

I have done theme clinics including

Trailer Loading * Transition to bitless* Teaching beginners to ground drive*Horsemanship

To hear what other clients had to say about past clinics check out, past clinics,  picture testimonials, as well as testimonials.

Spur of the moment is always good too. I come to your farm as long as I have at least two people that split the farm call. It's $100.00 per person. (up to an hour away, further away I have to work more than two hours). As long as your facility allows outside trainers.  I don't care who watches, no charge (you could ask them to chip in for your training session). This is not advertised via flyers etc.

Check out the "08" clinic flyer to see how these are advertised. I do many clinics at various facilities in MA, CT, RI and NH throughout the year. I don't always post them on the site, so feel free to check in with an e-mail.

  Thank you so much Cathie for an amazing day! We’ve since had Cathie back for follow ups and are
                    thrilled with our horses progress.Cannot recommend a clinic with Cathie enough! Cathie has helped
                   my riders and I with green horses, broke horses, old horses, tricky trailer loaders. Cathie can pinpoint
                   what you and your horse need and give you the tools to work through it. Cathie will always be my go to
                  when I need help with one of my herd. Cara Mc Soley  Dec 2022

I just did another excellent horsemanship clinic today with Cathie Hatrick-Anderson at her farm Bobcat Farm in Upton MA. I learn something new at every one of her clinics and couldn't wait to go to my barn after to practice some of the techniques taught today. As an equine massage therapist massaging all kinds of horses with different backgrounds I don't know, it's very important I know how to work around horses safely. Cathie has helped me so much! If you're having any kind of problems/issues with your horses, I highly recommend horse trainer Cathie Hatrick-Anderson! Bethany Condon Feb 8th 2020

"Great clinic!! I've competed successfully in versatility but my horse's nemesis was always the swimming pool. Thank you so much Cathie for helping Magnum to understand that the pool is nothing to be worried about either on the end of a lunge line or with me on his back. I'm going to find a pool like your's so Magnum and I can practice your technique!! Norma Fay 2016

Great working session for both of us at this clinic. My mare had previous issues with tires before and at the end of the day was walking through these obstacles like a pro. Thank you Cathie. Patience and convidence proved success. And you can bet she found the alfalfa cube if there was one to find! Helen Cheney


"Her specialty in training problem trailer loaders was well presented as she worked with a reluctant pony. By using a trailer loading simulation to set the ground work away from the trailer, the pony knew what was expected from Cathie’s cues as he was brought to the trailer. Cathie’s firm but patient approach paid off with the pony self loading."  Lori Milne

We had 4 demo horses who were worked with during the clinic, and at the end - each of them were self load & unloading successfully. If you have a problem loader, and there is another clinic nearby that you have the opportunity to go to - even if you can not get your horse TO the clinic, I recommend attending as an auditor.  There is so much useful information and learned techniques that you can review, try out on a horse there, and then take home with you to train your own horse. Christine Edinger Farm

Here's what a clinic attendee had to say about a clinic in NH.....

Cathie is simply awesome!! My new horse was inconsistent with trailer loading, to the point that we missed our last trail ride. I called Cathie, she came out to my barn, did some ground work, used the trailer simulator, and had my horse self loading & unloading in no time at all. She is such a great teacher. Everything she does makes sense and works so well; I could just see the transformation happening at each stage & step of the way. It was actually fun!... and so satisfying to be able to follow her instructions and have the same results. Following up a private session by attending one of her clinics simply reiterated how methodical she is. What she did with me and my horse, she repeated with two other horses with the same results: they were self-loading and unloading, with their owners! She can solve anything that's brought her way, from de-spooking and calming nervous horses, to solving horse shoeing issues. She speaks the horses' language, and they get it. Couldn't be happier & would highly recommend her to anyone. Can't wait to see what Cathie works on at her next training clinic!

**2008 Flyer**

This is what a clinic attendee had to say

 My husband and I just finished our second Saturday clinic at Bobcat Farm with our two Rocky Mountain horses. And I could not write enough good things about what we took home with us. Not only do our horses seem so much more relaxed and safe, I feel like I came home with a wealth of knowledge I never got spending 3 days at Equine Affaire. Whatever issues we had with each of the horses Cathie did a phenomenal job of helping out. We just love her horsology! Everything she does seems so easy and makes so much sense. She has a wonderful way with dealing with horses. I think she may have some 'horse' blood in her somewhere. But even more importantly, she has a great way of helping the owners to understand what she is doing so we can take it home with us and use it everyday to maintain the beautiful relationship we horse owners dream of achieving with our horses - and human companions. Bob and Cathie host a clinic that is truly worth your money and time. They were also so helpful in accommodating our horses since we brought two at once. Thanks Cathie and Bob!

Doris and Scott Hills 


Feel free to contact me with any questions about pricing etc. 

 (508) 479-5266 

Together we can tailor a clinic to suit the needs of your small farm or large facility. 

Thanks Cathie

Updated 1/3/2023

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