Horsemanship Lessons

$65.00 hour introductory price of your first ground lesson.

After that these lessons are $80.00 per hour.

Bobcat Farm
with Cathie Hatrick-Anderson

Riding lessons leaving you with questions? Would you like to learn how a horse thinks? Why he does what he does? New into horses, or just looking for new ideas. (You do not need to own a horse to participate in these lessons). I get phone calls all the time, that start with. "I want to sign up for a riding lesson... "I want to trail ride"... "I don't want to take a horsemanship lesson, I've been riding for years"... I am very experienced"... These horses I own are my pride and joy. Years of training, and a lot of hard work, made them the great horses that they are. They are not trained monkeys that will mindlessly take you around in circles, but they are sometimes lazy, but very responsive to leg cues, and light in the bridle. Most riders want to pull too hard on the reins. My horses are soft, and don't need a strong hand. Many excellent riders have skipped the ground work part of riding horses because it was never taught in the first place. Real comunication is key to safety in the saddle. You should know how to lead your horse correctly, how to get control of his mind if he becomes worried, or bossy. You should know that if you move out of a horse's way he will immediatlely think he is in charge of you. In order for a horse to respect us, and feel safe in our care, he needs to know that we can move his feet. He needs to yield to our feet. You need to know how to bring a horse out of a pen yourself. Horses are not all tacked up waiting for you to get on. You will partipate in all the little details and learn alot before you climb in the saddle. If you are ready to experience a real relationship with a horse you've come to the right place.  You can find us on facebook  Bobcat Farm

Explore a whole new world with horses beyond riding, that will keep you safer when you get back in the saddle.

Bring a friend and share a horsemanship lesson (add $40.00 for second person)

Are you already experienced but own a problem horse, a young horse, or a new one that's giving you trouble? Come learn new techniques on quiet horses to enhance your skills and timing, then take this knowledge home to your horse.

I have had the opportunity to have ground lessons with Cathie I Have my own horse but he likes the upper hand so working with her horses , who are very well trained, helps with my confidence
Love Cathie, love her horses Corinne Levesque  11/24/2023
 I love learning with Cathie! Honestly you’d think it easy to send a horse through a gate, but it isn’t! The way her horses respond to her is absolutely beautiful, and it definitely doesn’t come easy to people like myself who were never properly taught, but I enjoy the ground work lessons she provides just as much as the riding time. I’ve never met a trainer so willing to teach every aspect of horsemanship! Cynthia Godwin 11/6/23

 I first started coming to Cathie in May 2018 after I had taken a year or two off of riding. I remember looking for a lesson barn online in my area and finding Bobcat Farm, which advertised horsemanship lessons. Having never heard of horsemanship before then, I was curious and decided to take a lesson just to see how it would go. During that one lesson. I gained more knowledge on horses than I had ever learned in the 4 years I had been taking lessons and riding at other barns beforehand. Since then, I have learned so so much from Cathie! She's just a fountain of horse knowledge that never runs dry. You can learn something new from her everyday, regardless if you're taking a lesson from her or not. I cannot begin to express how important and priceless her wisdom is. For me, it opened up a whole world of possibility! When I started working at another barn, her teachings kept me safe when dealing with unruly and misbehaving horses. I'm going off to college in the fall to study Equine Science, and I cannot begin to thank Cathie enough for teaching me so much, and giving me a head start in the world of horses. Gabriella Ferraz 6/27 2023

 Cathie is very knowledgeable and explains things very clearly. Also super patient with with beginners as well. Looking forward to my next lesson! Diane Belmont Jan 22nd 2023

I love that Cathie combines horsemanship along with my daughters lessons. That is such an important base. Her horses are gentle, kind and perfect for all levels. My daughter needed some confidence and is gaining that with Cathie’s approach. Lesson time is fully used and packed with lots of great information and tools! Nice quiet, welcoming farm.

 Loren Forget 2/24/2020
Yesterday I took my 4th Horsemanship/Groundwork Clinic with Cathie Hatrick-Anderson and it was great!!!. I learn something new every time. There's nothing Cathie doesn't know about horses and her clinics are not only informative but fun! I highly recommend Cathie Hatrick-Anderson's Horsemanship/ Groundwork clinics to anyone who wants to learn how to work around a horse safely and effectively! Bethany Condon March 25th 2019
I have been working with Cathie for a little over two years. In that time I have learned so many invaluable horsemanship and riding techniques. From basic horsemanship to new skills that I have never even heard or thought I was capable of doing.  When I came to her I was starting on my second year of cowboy mounted shooting and she really helped me improve on my strengths and made me feel really confident in myself and my abilities. I also started to branch out and try new things like team penning and sorting both of which are out of my comfort zone but Cathie made it easier for me to do. Being an agricultural high school student Cathie has provided me with not only the use of her horses but has given me educational knowledge for projects in school. Cathie and her husband Bob are always so welcoming and kind-hearted when I'm around. I would recommend Cathie to anyone from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Cathie~ Ashley 2019

 Returning to my dream as a adult beginner with minimal experience in the saddle since being a young boy: I found lessons and Cathie at Bobcat Farm searching the internet for a place to take lessons. My decision was personally based on the Bobcat Farm website ( since I don't live near many options) all the thoughtful posts about Bobcat Farm from Cathie and the recommendations were very comprehensive and meaningful and I could read between the line.. so I signed up. I haven’t regretted anything. Since my first lesson I have seen that Cathie has genuine natural teacher in parallel to being a genuine horsemanship teacher. I am lucky to have found the opportunity and the results of learning from these strengths. I love horses with that I can say Cathie bridged the help I needed as a teacher to student. Cathie is a constructive teacher, Cathie has humor and patience (....). I value Cathie’s teaching because it’s really constructive for me I look forward to returning every week.  I am learning with confidence and building confidence thanks to Cathie. I am learning, smiling and enjoying quickly every lesson weekly. I recommend Cathie to anyone with the desire to learn and learn horsemanship and horses. I am currently learning to lead, ground drive as well as grooming and tacking...its going above expectation from teacher to student and student to a teacher. Most of all Cathie is humane to horses and myself, I enjoy the really nice horses at Bobcat Farm to learn with. Sincerely Steve B.

  When I was searching for horsemanship clinics in New England, I was so happy to have found Cathie Hatrick-Anderson and only 27 miles from my home in Foxboro! In just 3 lessons, I've already learned so much from her. She is wonderful to work with, very patient and kind. I look forward to learning from her long term. She is one of the few riding instructors who also teaches ground work which is so important and I absolutely love it! She's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to everything horses. I don't own my own horse but work with Cathie's horses which are very well trained and behaved- I feel so safe riding them. I hope t0 own a horse some day but want to learn everything I can first from a true pro like Cathie Hatrick-Anderson. Bethany Condon Foxboro MA 9/12/17

 "I appreciate Cathie’s compassion and respect for horses, and her knowledge of horse behavior. It is rare to find someone who can be equally responsive to the needs of the horse and the rider, and make both feel confident. I have learned so much from her already but I know there is so much more I will learn as I continue to work with her." Gianna Cassetta 9/20/2016                   

So glad I finally found owner Cathie Hatrick-Anderson! She is wonderful at communicating with horses, and their people so well. After trying lessons at a few different places, I can see the difference that it makes learning from someone truly passionate, patient, and well-educated on human and horse communication! A true professional, she is working with me to get me ready to feel comfortable to go on my first Ranch vacation in a few weeks. Thanks to Cathie, I'm already feeling more confident and prepared for my trip, and I'm looking forward to developing my skill more at Bobcat Farm! Michelle Fox  9/2015

I have been looking for a long time to find a horseback riding facility where I would be able to take lessons on natural trails. Not only did I find that at Bobcat Farm, but also with a very talented and excellent riding instructor named Cathie Hatrick-Anderson. You will feel absolutely safe and yet also learn a tremendous amount about horsemanship. Finally Cathie is also incredibly patient - which is a wonderful bonus. I now gladly travel each week to Bobcat Farm to learn more about horses and to improve my riding as an adult learner. It works! I might repeat myself but this place is absolutely wonderful. Her lessons are filled with useful information and are very reasonably priced. It might sound exaggerated, I have no idea why anybody would go to another place to pay more money and get less riding instructions. This is the real deal. Annette Busch 6/17/2015

It's hard for me to put into words how grateful I am to have found Cathie.  More than anything else, I wanted to know horses--how they think, communicate, feel, play, work, listen, and learn.  There are a million riding teachers, but probably a handful who truly KNOW horses.   At the "Natural Horsemanship" farm I was at prior to meeting Cathie,  I longed to bond with the horse I rode.  But that can only be achieved through ground work, which there wasn't much of.  With Cathie, i look forward to lunging as much as riding, and I can't wait to be ready for liberty work on the ground!!!  One day, I'd like to learn mounted shooting!!  Lastly, Cathie is warm, direct, and just simply an awesome, cool person!--Jane Harte 2/6/2015

I have been horseback riding for 17 yrs and in that time I have had over a dozen riding instructors, and none of them have been as knowledgeable as Cathie Hatick-Anderson.  I have been learning about natural horsemanship since I adopted my horse Jamie four years ago at a rescue, that also offered natural horsemanship lessons.

I thought I knew quite a bit about natural horsemanship I had had many lesson, but the first horsemanship lesson I took at Cathie's barn blew my mind. Cathie has this whole understanding of horses and animals, that as of yet I have only seen on you tube, or on trick riders.  
I have been taking lessons under various instructors for years, and after meeting Cathie I have learned  there is an entirely different way to work with your horse. Humans and horses can have a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust, and respect. There is no longer the need to use harsh bits, heavy lashes, and all the other little shortcuts and Band-Aids us equestrians use, to try and  get our horses to submit.
If we learn their language we can communicate with them on a whole other level. I have seen this put to use in my own horses. I have applied what I've learned in my training and have extraordinary results. My horses respect me more, and I am learning how to communicate them in a way that works for both of us.
Natural horsemanship means making the world a better, and more peaceful place for human and equine alike. And for me that means continuing to train under Cathie Hatick -Anderson  and pushing the boundaries of what is possible when horse and human come together. Erin Maguire June 2nd 2014

 I'm so glad I found Cathie. When I decided to start riding again, I found out about Natural Horsemanship, and found Cathie's site on the web. Her Horsemanship teaching has helped me understand what horses care about, and how to communicate with them. We've done leading, lunging, driving, and bareback riding. The bitless bridle is great. Now I'm learning to ride, and it's a big help to know how horses are trained, and how they can, unfortunately, be "de-trained" by unskillful riding. Riding her sensitive and responsive horses is a treat. I hope my riding improves enough so that I can be a training rider, rather than a de-training one. I drive an hour each way to my lessons, and it's well worth it. Laurie O. Arlington MA 9/22/2014

                                Laurie - after walking across the ring, halting straight into the fence, Just perfect!

Horsemanship training transcends all disciplines. Earning the respect of your horse through groundwork techniques is essential to having clear communication and respect in the saddle.

For beginners, you will not only learn to tack up a horse properly, but you'll learn to lead, lunge, and do liberty work. You will develop a partnership with the horse, that you will carry forward to every equine relationship in your future.          

For advanced horse owners, we'll start at your level and together will develop a whole new set of skills you can use to advance your  own training with your horse at home.


This year, I received my Certification in Equine Massage Therapy in Western Montana. Upon my return home, I sought Cathie's help to continue my horsemanship training. I have not been disappointed! Cathie has a very simple and unique style of teaching horsemanship. I've learned so much from her on how to safely and effectively work on a variety of horses. Cathie has been around horses all of her life, she brings to the table a strong passion and a desire to teach others. She is a confidence builder!

I travel for my lessons with Cathie 1 hour each way and it is worth it to me.
I'd rather learn from someone who knows horses from stem to stern than to go a franchise and roll the dice.
I would refer Cathie to anybody who really wants to learn horsemanship.
I would also refer Cathie to anybody who is having behavior or training problems with their horses and needs help. I've watched her in action! Cathie is the "Annie Sullivan" of horses!!   Maureen Griffith-Whelan

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As someone who recently started working in the equine industry, I sought Cathie’s expertise to learn about horsemanship and understand more about the horses themselves. In the round ring, Cathie taught me about lunging around an obstacle course, join ups, and liberty work. While working in the paddock, I am learning the polite ways and different techniques Cathie uses to catch horses for turn ins and turn outs. As a teacher Cathie, takes her time and is patient when she teaches a new skill. She has taught me how to handle different horses in different situations on their good days and bad days. I am always learning how to safely handle calm as well as unruly horses. Most importantly, I am learning the respect and connection between the horse and the handler. I am becoming more confident and successfully applying what I am learning from Cathie in the workplace. Thank you Cathie!  Julius Chiumenti 4/25/2013

img 1650-2-resized

Cathie has taught me...a total much in just a few short hours! I so look forward to spending more time with her and my mini horses as I am sure she just may be the ONLY one to get them and me on the right track to a long, healthy and happy life together! Her gentle, firm and fair methods are simply amazing. And Ruger, pictured here with me, is such a patient teacher as well- clearly the result of the trusting bond that Cathie is able to create between human and equine! Thanks for the confidence, Cathie!  MJ Ryan


Shannon and Ruger ground driving through obstacles.

Needless to say, then I met Cathie! After absorbing all the information that she so willingly and enthusiastically shares. I realized how I had overlooked and underestimated simple fundamental principles of horsemanship! Methods that promote a trusting, loving friendship between human and horse. I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Cathie's horses (absolute gems!) and shadow her on numerous meetings with problem horses or a cautious client that wants to go about introductions well-informed. Every time, the meetings were a success. Cathie, with generations of horse knowledge behind her, is one in a million. Shannon

  Horsemanship lesson turn into Riding Lessons!

Riding lessons $85.00

img 1644-2-resized

"I contacted Cathie to see if I could explore Western riding with her. Although I had 4 years of dressage training I was feeling frustrated and was curious to see if Western riding might reignite my love of riding. My time with Cathie was an amazing experience from my very first lesson. We spent time working only on ground manners with the horse. Cathie and her lesson horse, Ruger, taught me what I should have learned in my first  lesson four years earlier! I left my lesson with Cathie feeling safer and more empowered. From there, we worked on riding and eventually versatility challenges which helped me to revive my love of riding and feel more accomplished as a horse woman. I highly recommend Cathie to help you and your horse reach your goals!  Rebecca Jeffreys



 Going into the trail off of the TN pipeline behind Bobcat Farm

I don't teach you how to look pretty, I teach them to to ride safely.  I teach defensive riding techniques so YOU stay in control of your mount, so you are never left thinking what do I do to get my horse under control so I can feel safe in the saddle, so I can really enjoy riding. You will be able to master new skills using my quiet horses. These new skills will soon become second nature to you, so you will be able to put them into practice on any horse you ride.


After experiencing two traumatic horse incidents in one week, I had lost all confidence and couldn't even imagine ever riding again. Thank God I found Cathie! Thanks to her patient and compassionate training with both the rider and the horse, I have learned more in groundwork, horse behavior, rein work, and saddling than I ever learned from all other "trainers" combined. And only because of Cathie's amazing training was I able to build my confidence again, and am very happy to report that I am loving being "back in the saddle" again, even trying bareback for the first time! Thank you, Cathie! 7/30/13 Nicki Piersol

Horsemanship lessons using your own horse


Truck Into Bobcat Farm with your horse and experience a dramatic change in YOUR relationship too! $100.00 for a private hour. We'll start on the ground then move onto under saddle.

The Best Horse Trainer I Have Ever Used!

You ever notice that the last thing you try should have been your first.  That was no different when it came to using Cathie.  I had tried all kinds of trainers and all kinds of methods and all kinds of equipment that just weren’t working.

I owned a 7 year old Quarter Horse. Most of the time he was a love bug but when he wanted to, he could be very dominate and pushy. He would give me the hardest time getting into the trailer and when I rode him he would be fine until he was done and when he was done he’d go into a tailspin until you got off.  Not what I considered fun. I was at my wits end and ready to give up until I met Cathie and she taught me what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to be a better horsewomen and leader.

My first scheduled appointment was supposed to be at her place but my horse refused to load into the trailer.  Without any problems or complaints Cathie came to me instead.  She worked with me and my horse for over two hours until he was loading and unloading with confidence and easy.  We had our next lessons at her place in her large round pen going over ground work, building trust and respect.  She worked with both me and my horse teaching us together to work as a team.

The best thing I can say about Cathie is that she has the most amazing patience both with people and horses. She’ll take however long you need to feel comfortable and confident about what she is teaching, never making you feel guilty or dumb. She is kind and caring and truly wants you to succeed.   She has the amazing ability to train horses with respect and technique and without cruel devices or punishment. Our lessons were always fun and I always left with much more then I had expected.  I always looked forward to learning and laughing with her.

After my lessons with Cathie my horse was amazing. He was self loading into his trailer. His dominance and scare tactics were gone.  He became a wonderful horse and I gained so much insight into how to become a better horsewomen and horse owner then ever before.

I would highly recommend Cathie to anyone who has a horse.  No matter what discipline you are or what kind of problem you have I am confident Cathie can help you and your horse have a better relationship.

Tracy Longoria

To see a live session at Bobcat Farm  Click here


Meeting Cathie Hatrick-Anderson has made such an amazing difference in my relationship with my new horse, Waylon. We started having issues after only a couple weeks so I contacted Cathie, who had come highly recommended from everyone I asked. Waylon had been raised using natural horsemanship but I had no background so Cathie suggested I take a horsemanship lesson at her farm with her horse. In an hour I gained so much confidence and learned to read the horse, use my body language, basic groundwork, leading, lunging, etc. Invaluable information that I took home and was able to successfully apply to handling my horse.

Last week Waylon and I traveled to Bobcat Farm and had another invaluable training session, including our initial experience using the bit less bridle. We practiced all we had learned previously and Cathie helped us fine tune our skills. (Mostly mine since Waylon now knows what is expected!) Since we trail ride and Cathie has a wooden bridge, I requested we see how he would do with it. Cathie showed me when to back off if he was trying so he'd know that was all we expected. And then, because he wasn't forced, he did it!
Waylon is fussy with a bit so I wanted to try riding with a rope halter or bitless bridle. We did both and it was Amazing! He was so relaxed and responsive almost immediately.
I can't thank Cathie enough for helping me with the transition with my new horse. Understanding how and when to apply pressure, and when to release it, is so extremely important. Cathie teaches with such common sense, and it's the best way.
Thank you, Cathie! Pam Johnson MA

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