2011 Clinic Schedule

Feb 23 - Straight From The Horses Mouth - Uxbridge, MA

Straight from the horses mouth had over 40 in attendance


Demonstration at Stagecoach West Irving NY
Transitioning to Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridle.

Thanks Stagecoach West!

Cathie and Buddy getting ready for the LIVE demo

Irving NY July 6th 2011


We had a great time, transitioning two gaited horses, they were both great! They went just a tad better than in their bits, especially when asked to back up, I believe several in attendance went into the store and bought bitless bridles. They both took right to Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridle. Unfortunately I only got to stay for about 45 minutes of Stacy Westfall's clinic, as my Dad ended up in the ER after a motorcycle accident. Thank God he was ok.

Trailer loading clinics.

June 4th 2011 - Trailer loading clinic

 Edinger Farm Rehobeth MA $100.00 per horse.

Spectators 10.00 pre-registered.

Call for details (508) 479-5266

All 4 horses successfully loading right up and self loading! - Thanks Edinger Farm!


July 11th 2011

1931 Pond Hill Road
North Smithfield, RI.

Thanks Michelle!


Aug 27 2011  Clinic at October Farm

39 Miller St Norfolk MA

7 spots are all taken but we have room for spectators.

Ground handling skills and more!

Spectators 10.00 pre-registered - 15.00 at the gate.

(508) 479-5266 to register.


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