We used to make our own bridles with Bling!

Start out plain, especially if you have a horse named Moon who has 

                            Plenty of  " bling" already.

  Then dress your bridle up as you see fit! This is my horse Ruger sporting his dark brown Dr, Cook's western bridle, I swapped out the silver conchos with Brass hearts to match his Tucker saddle with brass heart breast collar and conchos.


Hello... "My name Is Helen, and this is my horse Violet" sporting Cachina's

Cowgirl Blinged" Black Western Bridle with real silver concho's 

This was in a park in Carlisle MA, I had never seen so much handy work from beavers! Also check out the bling I added to Cachina's Western Bitless Bridle. I added white horse hair tassels on the side and black ones in front. 


This is an Arabian Mare is sporting a Western Bitless with bling! 


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