Training Board

Previously to Jane's Mustang coming to Bobcat Farm I had never taken horses in for training.  Way back when, traveling and training 5 to 6 days a week kept me pretty busy.

Because of the continuous request from many clients, a wonderful lady that refused to take no for an answer, a wonderful husband that stated “You should be making a little more $$”   I started taking in horses for training.

Training Board - $600.00 to start that includes basic full board no training. This includes plenty of hay. Your horse will have a 12x 12  rubber matted run in stall, so he/she has access to private turn out all day. Now you choose if you would like me to work with your horse four or five times a week. Each one hour training session is $100.00 hr. This may include ground work, under saddle work or both. On the trail, in the ring, or both. I take my job of training your horse very seriously. I consider it an honor that you are entrusting his/her care and training to me. It's my goal and promise to give every horse that comes to Bobcat Farm for training my very best. To treat your horse like he/she belongs to me. I work off farm but if we have an appointment to work together, you can bet I will be there. If you are not going to be present when I work your horse, my off farm schedule will take priority, since your horse is here, and you are not, I can work him at my liesure any time of the day. If the weather is bad or I have an emergency call and do not get to your horse on my time, I will do a two hour session to make up lost time. I will make a record, and many times, some video footage of our session together. You MUST Participate in at least one session per week and preferrably more for you and your horse to benefit from his time spent here.

4 Sessions @ $100.00 per hour long session = $400.00 weekly for training
4 weeks of training $ 1,600 plus $600.00 base board = $2,200 per month.

Five training session per week is $500.00 per week, the total for the month is $ 2,600

Training is paid to Cathie, Base Board is paid to Robert Anderson.

Well, Cathie, you're a woman of God-given talent when it comes to working with horses! You are a born natural at it. Cathie had my Mustang, Comanche, at her facility last month to "get the buck out of him." He was seriously cinchy and would go into a buck once saddled that would make the rodeo goers salivate. Fearless, courageous, and mightily talented, Cathie worked with him but 1 or 2 days before she mounted him and had him walk and trot like a real gentleman. I believe it was on day 5 that she said to me, "Okay, let's hit the trail." "What?! Holy, moly are you serious, Cathie?" Oh, yeah, she was serious. Out on the trail we went as she schooled him the whole time to go through bushes, water, to take the lead and to follow. Well, my Mustang who spent 2 1/2 years in the wild before I adopted him is now back home and being ridden by me (a mere novice rider). And the final proud and happy comment - he's being ridden BITLESS. Thank you, Cathie, my no-nonsense, practical, and talented trainer for making my dream possible. Give Cathie a whirl and if you keep your eyes, ears, and mind open, you'll learn as much as your horse does. This lady comes with my highest recommendation. Jane Ingersoll-Mahoney, Spencer, MA

I dropped REI Aguilar aka “Figgy” with Cathie and her student Gabriella to start for me. I like to be part of the process but knew I should not be the first to sit on him ( I’m not as quick as I used to be). Cathie had me work with them a couple of times a week and Gabriella was the first to sit on him! Four weeks later and I sat on him today and he will come home Wednesday with me! In the horse world we can always learn something new and I did thanks to Cathie! Tracie Richardson 7/8/2024

Every once in a while I make a very responsible decision.  My new horse, Zorro, didn’t have quite as much experience as I anticipated when I adopted him. He was highly reactive to noises and new experiences. I contacted Cathie to see if she’d be willing to help him. Zorro spent two months at Bobcat Farm learning to respect and trust his rider/handler. I spent two months watching and learning new techniques so that I could continue to reinforce his new confidence. He is more relaxed after being transitioned to a bitless bridle. I’m looking forward to the many adventures that we’ll be able to share together. Thank you so much Cathie for your endless kindness and patience with both of us!! Norma Fay, April 2021


Zorro learned to do many different obstacles, pulling a log, sidepassing a pole, allowing me to crack a whip from his back,

and control his emotions in scary situations from chickens to chain saws from tree crews, He graduated with flying colors!

Update, Although Zorro made great progess at Bobcat Farm. (He bucked, all four above ground before coming here and did so his first week here as well as a rear. spin and bolt from the chickens, or the clink of the tractor after it shut down). As well as follow up at Norma's farm and on her trails, just perfect. For Norma he was not,  he would not remain a trustworthy mount. When he was good he was good, but his behavior was unpreditable. I was very sorry to hear this as he had come so far at Bobcat Farm.


                                                                            Cathie And Prince riding outside of the ring.

                                    I started Prince under saddle at Bobcat Farm, his very first ride with a bareback pad

                                                                   was at his home in Grafton MA in the fall.

To see Prince in training click here   

Prince's first two weeks at Bobcat Farm including bull whip, sled, and flag training, Click here

I highly recommend Cathie Anderson as a horse trainer. Her training techniques are brilliant. Immediately, my horse responded to Cathie with respect and willingness to work. Additionally, Cathie taught me a variety of ways to work with Prince And I will continue to use her as my trainer. 
Cheers, Eliza Bartlett Anise 1/24/2021

I sent Cathie a 7 year old Draft/QH Who absolutely had a kind heart but didn’t know anything so I had her work with him and also said while he’s there shoot off him too. Well he now goes out on trail with or without other horses he side passes and moves of your legs he also stops like he has air brakes hahaha. And she has shot balloons of him as well. If that wasn’t enough her husband Bob took amazing care of him and became buddies with Jacksun I just want other people to know that if your thinking of having your horse or yourself trained then do not hesitate to call Cathie. By the way the other thing that was very important and welcomed was the commitment and communication the whole time.

                                                 Thanks for everything he’s doing awesome, best always Patrick Hayes Nov 8th 2020
Cathie Hatrick Anderson is one of those people, whether you’re a horse person or not, that you just naturally feel better after having been with her. And so does your horse. She’s got a strong confident style yet she combines that with kindness and grace on behalf of the horse, and the Horse’s person. Working with Cathie for almost a month and a half taught me valuable lessons not just for my horse but also for me. It was just as valuable and experience if not more for me. I would highly and wholeheartedly recommend Cathie to anyone who’s looking to understand the horse is better, and has a genuine interest in improving the relationship with their horse. Michele Hubley and Clutch Nov 2019


My rescue, Gunner, was having behavioral problems in general - and was rearing. I could not worm him, pick up his feet, or get anywhere near his mouth. Considering the issues, I was too scared to ride him. I sent him to Cathie's, and within a month he was a different horse. He stands for fly spray, lets me pick up his feet, and most importantly - stopped rearing and doing a jig under saddle. Cathie was willing to help me with the worst possible situation - dangerous behavior paired with a too-nice inexperienced owner. I believe that I got just as much out of her training (if not more) than my horse did. Not only that, but Cathie also took into consideration that my horse had some health issues. She always considered how he was feeling and tailored each lesson depending on how he was doing that particular day. I cant say enough good things about my experience. Cathie, you really went above and beyond what I expected out of you. Thanks so much... sincerely :) - Becky Gregory

 I had William going under and over obstacles before leaving Bobcat farm.

When I contacted Cathie about training board for my 4 year old rescue horse I was at my wits end. He was completely  unsocialized and was terrorizing the other horses and the barn staff at the barn where I was boarding him. The main purpose of William's stay with Cathie was to get him under control on the ground with the hopes of having him backed as well. It was a bit of a bumpy ride with this guy, but after 2 months in Cathie's care - working closely with her to be sure I could also handle him - William can now be handled by anyone at the barn and is starting to be ridden regularly at a walk and trot. He is still strong willed and stubborn, but he now knows that that doesn't mean he can get frustrated and lash out at his handler. Thank you so much for everything you did, Cathie! If it weren't for you I really don't think William and I would be working together today. Megan A.

Megan riding William at Bobcat Farm

Update several months later..

I just wanted to say hi and let you know that William is doing amazing. He is very solid walk/trot/canter now- though he is sometimes a little stubborn about steering-he likes to pop his shoulder out as an evasion. He is started jumping now too. He is basically a celebrity at the barn. Everyone loves him. A major transformation from when you first met him. Megan A.

This photo was taken where Jill was being boarded before coming to Bobcat Farm. This was my first time ever on her, no bucking here and never at my farm. Re rides are much harder than doing first rides.

                                                        Re starting a young horse.

I would HIGHLY recommend Cathie Hatrick Anderson to anyone! She has such a talent with horses. Cathie has helped me with so much. When I first bought my filly, Abby, Cathie helped me with working on her ground manners. And when Abby was old enough Cathie rode her after Abby bucked off her first two riders. I was absolutely amazed the first time Cathie sat on Abby!! Abby just stood there! I sent Abby to Cathie's facility for a month for training and there was a tremendous difference with Abby after she left. Cathie also taught me about riding in a bitless bridle and I love it! I now ride my mare in one. Some of the people I ride with even bought bitless bridles once they saw how I rode with one. Cathie took Abby out on her first trail ride, also. I have taken Abby on beach rides and many, many trail rides. I would not be where I am today with my horse if it were not for Cathie. I cannot thank her enough for her hard work with my horse. If anyone needs help with their horse, no matter what the situation, I would highly recommend Cathie!! Jill and Abby

For a month over the summer, Cathie took in my temperamental Quarter horse, Dante, for board and training. She gave him excellent care during his stay and worked with him three times a week, both in the round pen and on the trail. Dante is an alpha horse who likes to bully humans --- not a good situation for a family with four children. Cathie has made tremendous progress in teaching him that he is NOT at the top of the pecking order and needs to be respectful and compliant around people. Cathie has amazing skill with horses -- she can get them to do anything she wants -- and she is a good teacher for those of us with only two legs. You learn more from watching her at work for an hour than you will by reading horsemanship manuals for a month. At the end of Dante's stay, he was a greatly improved horse -- and she even made us a DVD so that we can learn and implement her strategies. Cathie cares about her clients -- both the horses and their owners -- and knows that it's just as important (maybe more so) to teach the human as the horse. I've taken traditional riding lessons for more than 30 years, but I've learned more about horses, and how to handle them, from Cathie, than I have in all those years of instruction. Jennifer Graham, Hopkinton MA

I couldn’t have been happier or more thankful that Cathie was able to take Halifax (my rising 4 year old Hanoverian) in for training. He had been “mislabeled” and misunderstood and needed a calm, quiet and nurturing environment to grow in. Cathie and Bob were so accommodating and built and completed a stall for him in record time. Cathie came and picked him up at the farm we were at on short notice as I was heading out on vacation. Who could ask for more!!! Cathie worked patiently and slowly with Halifax and determined that he was extremely bright and sensitive but a “baby” who just needed someone to trust and show him the ropes. Cathie accomplished in a few sessions what other trainers had failed to do over months. She is firm yet kind and is always wanting to bring out the best in the horse. Don’t let the Western gear and laid back attitude fool you, Cathie is all business when it comes to horses. She is uniquely qualified and determined to find the right solution for the rider and the horse, no matter what your discipline of riding (western, reining, dressage, eventing, etc.) I had invested a great deal of money in the purchase of my “next dressage star” and while some people were writing him off, Cathie never did. She gave me back not only a different horse but the tools to keep him and me heading in the right direction. Also I know that if I ever have a problem in the future I have a resource that will be there for me and my horse. There are a small number people of integrity and genuineness in the horse business but I feel lucky to have met one of the few. Thank you Cathie (and Bob) Lori and Halifax


                                                        Stetson, waiting for our session to begin.
I sent my problem child to Cathie for a month of training because I was so impressed with the changes Isaw in him after
a 2 hour groundwork session at my barn several months earlier. Despite all the snow and ice Cathie was able to build upon
the groundwork from her previous encounter and for the frst timeI was in control of my horse instead of it being the other way around. Not only did she teach him to yieldto pressure and be respec!ul of my space, she taught me how to ask him for something correctly andwith just enough pressure to have him respond without going overboard and getting upset. It’s about ayear now after I sent him for his stay at Bobcat Farm and I had Cathie out to check on us (mostly me tomake sure I hadn’t slipped in my “ask” technique), and we had a great visit. I got some great riding pointers and I learned how to start dealing with food aggressive behavior and separation anxiety. I hope to have her out again soon to do some trail riding work. Lelsie Grotti 2/29/2016

Saben an Andalusian stallion- here for I month training to be started under saddle.  

I sent my Andalusian stallion, Saben to Cathie to start him under-saddle. I had worked with her a few times prior to that and was very impressed. I have started my own horses in the past-but  Cathie starts them all the time. I knew that she would be able to introduce him to a saddle/rider without any drama and that if he did anything silly she would handle it perfectly without him being scared, or learning bad habits.

She is firm with discipline-but only as firm as she needs to be to get results. Saben could be a little timid at times, often slow to warm up to new people, but he LOVED working with Cathie. You could see that each day that he spent with her he became more and more confident. In fact she had the dog jumping up on his back within the 1st week
(with my permission of course:) She also had him going through/over scary obstacles like a pro. She also did exactly what I asked her to do (unlike some trainers that have their own agenda). As he was young, I did not want him pressured so she just worked on helping him gain confidence under saddle and complete respect for his handler.

She also worked on specific "issues" that we were having-teaching me a few techniques that worked beautifully. I just can't say enough positive things about her. I have been riding and raising foals for almost 40 years, and I am very picky about who handles my horses. I had complete confidence that Cathie would give him the absolute best start under saddle without him being pressured or scared. He came back an absolute dream. Thanks Cathie!

Pete, a home raised 4 yr old. We were told he was started, but asked to treat him if as if he had never been ridden. He was very reactive of being cinched, but passed all my pre-flight checks before I sat on him. Based on my evaluation on this prospective new purchase, Lisa bought him then brought him directly to Bobcat farm for training…… Cathie 1 year ago a mean angry horse I was trying to ride (I know, why?) reared and flipped over backwards. The horse got up and ran home, and I was on the ground with my back broken in 5 places. I never thought I would walk let alone ride again, and I certainly never thought I would get on a new (read: unknown) and young quite green horse. Thanks to Cathie, and a very short training period (a little over a month); on Sunday I was riding the cutest boy ever, out of the safety of the round pen and onto the trail. It was only about 50 yds this time and a slow 50 yds at that, but that was a huge accomplishment for me! And I know if I can go 50 yds this time (through the snow no less), I can go further :) All thanks to Cathie. I was on the phone with a friend tonight and told her about Cathie: she is terrific: everything she does is sensible; there hasn't been one moment that raised my eyebrows or where I thought hmmm, I will do that differently once "Pete" is at home. Everything she does makes sense; everything she does is competent and consistent both with her own methods (she's not at all erratic) and with how I in my untrained and unprofessional and limited way have come to understand horses. And everything she has done has gotten "Pete" ready for me and gotten me ready for him. Cathie taught him and gave me confidence. She rides really really well, and knows how to train. Her methods are humane, sensible and super effective. She is goal-oriented: Cathie knew I wanted to get on him and ride and I am on him in just a month and a few days after bringing Pete to her. Perhaps most difficult and most challenging, she has the patience and skills for training us witless humans! And this is the way Cathie is with every horse and every human. She is a good judge of equine and human character and capability and she adjusts her methods and expectations accordingly. If you need a horse trained because it's green or not so green and are having problems, time with Cathie is an excellent investment - you will get a realistic assessment of the situation and challenges, and a plan for your goals that will work. It is great to be in love with a horse again - thanks to Cathie! Lisa

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