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Foggy and I would like to welcome you to our Mounted Shooting page.
Ya'll come on in and sit a spell...

In loving memory of Mom - Kathie Jo Hatrick...

Her Dad promised her a trick saddle shown below (bottom photo of mom)  if she'd quit riding broncs. Married at 17 rodeo gave way to starting a family...                  

Kathie Jo at 17 yrs aboard 'Blue Dog' 
Bareback Bronc Norco Rodeo, CA 1958


8 year old Kathie Jo on ''Goldie"

 Pictured here at 16 years old. Kathie Jo was a self taught trick rider. 

2022 went to Lexington VA, couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. We had not been practicing at speed as I have been seriously riding and bringing my young horse along, I didn't think he was quite ready for VA so I brought my steady Ruger. He was perfect, he did his job! I fet pretty strong comming off my bad TPF fracture from last year so that was a big plus! I had to miss the MA State shoot as I sustained another injury on July 20th 2023 from working with a problem loader, sufferring nerve damage in my shoulder. This took a full six months to heal. I had wanted to ride Jasper this year but had to go with my steady Ruger to avoid hurting my shoulder further. It gets better. July 30th 5th overall in CT could not shoot the second day too much pain. NH State 4th overall Cheshire Fair, won overall cowgirl  buckle Very few competitors many backed out last minute? Then VT State Fair, Aug 20th Well attended, super excited to win overall cowgirl (Not shooting but versatility at Marshfield Fair the following week I won the event and $100.00 over 31 entries, and very well attended Nov 13th I won North Brookfiled Judged please ride. The final match of the season for Northeast Six Shooters  Oct 29th Winning overal and clean shooter.

Run and Gun had a barrel race and shoot on Nov 19th 2022 it was cold for sure, but I won overall cowgirl in shooting, and 1st palce in 2D barrels. $180.00 as well as leather crosses, Bay State Bandit ammo case, cup, hat and ribbons. and a head stall.


 I just got the latest copy of the "Run Down"   Here's the article.



2021 went to Lexington again as a senior ladies 4 I placed 3rd out of 15 in my class as well as shooting clean for the match. I brought Jasper along for the ride as he will be shooting in 2022 He seems to love it, more than my other two it's been fun brining him along.
 2020 a slow start to the season with many shoots cancelled. We finally got to compete as we traveled to VA for the fist ever Appalachian Mountain Championship in Lexington.  PA as well as our usual CT, NH and MA events.
I won my first shotgun class at PA State in Oct 2020 there were 19 in the class with a gender split (Ladies and Mens) I came in first out of 10 ladies with a nice check, 3rd overall. Imagine this, more ladies than men in this class.
We won MA State High Point Championship 2020 I had been pretty stagnant not being able to win in my ladies 4 class so I decided to move to a Senior Ladies 4 Yes I just cant keep up with these 16 -3o somethings that have no fear. I did win Ladies overall at a shoot in CT this year which was pretty exciting. Looking forward to the new shooting season that actually starts in Oct 2020
Anne  Sloan  wrote a article about Shooting cavalry unfortunatly this is the best I could do adding my picture and the text she wrote. She covered many others in Aug 2020 Rundown Magazine.
     My favorite photo of the year. Dressed as a Native American scout for cavalry class. Photo by Suddenly Still Photography

2019 has been a rough year I attended about 15 shoots I was very sick in July as I competed and then broke my fibula on Aug 22nd (Would you believe just walking out of the barn, I rolled it) after a month of total non weight bearing and then another in a walking boot. I was almost healed and in a smaller support at the end of Oct I was riding a new horse and he decided to fall down in tall wet grass as he was on high alert and not paying attention to where his feet were. He slipped and went down and landed on my shoulder, hip,and you guessed it, my left foot.  The same broken ankle. With the help from so many people I was able to finish one more stage with my steady horse Ruger but no more shooting till 2020 for me.  I only missed one shoot of the season as there was another shoot back to back that same day.
I started shooting in the Shotgun class and the Cavalry class as well at the end of 2018
2019 I earned title of Ladies MA State High Point Champion, but more importantly my 19 year old APHA mare earned the title of Northeast Six Shooter Legend Horse Award-A horse who has made a distinct impact on this sport.  Displays excellence, aided horses and riders new to this sport.
She's been at this sport since 2005 and has taken care of a lot of new riders.

2018 found us shooting a lot. Maybe 17 events. We won reserve cowgirl and even overall cowgirl in CT once. We traveld to PA and lost our L 4 class by less than one second but we shot clean! It's been challenge shooting as a Ladies Level 4 competing with some tough ladies. I could move to a senior ladies 4 but there is just not enough old ladies like me to compete with so I'll have to stay with the younger gals.
I am very excited and proud to say that I earned the title of 2018 MA State High Point Cowgirl!
And even prouder to receive the Legacy Award from the Northeast  Sixshooters a beautiful bracelet.  This Award is voted on by the club and given to a person who has dedicated their time and energy into growing this sport and our club. A role model to others. A person who has helped new members, is a positive contributing member.
Consistently thinks of the good of the club, good sportsmanship at all times. A person who understands that this is a team sport ( horse and rider) and always puts the horse first.
Heres to the 2019 season!

 2017 I attended more shooting events than ever! A total of sixteen. Three were in PA
I shot clean at several shoots the biggest one was Treas Trailers PA State CMSA Championship I was the only clean shooter out of 82 riders!

(I joined CMSA in 2005)

We've been competing in the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting since 2006

I trained my own horses (and several others) to accept gunfire. I was really serious about it to begin with, taking my mare from a ladies one two a ladies 3 in two years. After retiring my mare, I laid low after starting a new horse as he was just 16 months old and not under saddle yet.

I stopped going to practices and shot about 3 times a year, after starting him as a coming 3 year old. I did not canter him at first, and very little canter work in ring as I was concerned about longeivity. I'm pretty lax when it comes to training my own horses. I don't push very hard. Busy with traveling throughout New England training horses left little time left over for riding my own.

2016 found me getting serious again. New guns, new holsters and a new plan. Practice!!! at Run and Gun Ranch in Norfolk MA and a week long clinic with Lee Ann from Lady Luck Mounted Shooting. I had been doing so many things wrong to be competitive. Imagine my surprise to learn I was awarded 2016 MA State Ladies High Point Champion. Now time to earn it!

 Cathie and Ruger Photo by Jeanne Lewis Gherardi

"Take that you pesky baloons"!

Ruger and Cathie win thier L-2 class at the Regional State Championships 2014 


Photo by Jon Woolf   Ruger and Cathie Killing those pesky balloons!

Cathie and Ruger at Ma State Shoot 8-24-2014  2nd place Ladies level 2

22nd out of 39 riders. Not bad for only attending 2 or 3 shoots per year.

Cathie and Ruger at the MA State Shoot at Chippaway Stables.

Lining up the next blue balloon. Photo by Sue McGinty 

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Demo, Saturday, November 5, 2005
Uxbridge, MA

In keeping with the theme of my clothing I rode bareback the first stage

Durring the first stage when Cachina zigged and I zagged, I was lucky to stay astride, but opted to put the saddle back on. I admire the skills of the  Native Americans


Although I normally ride in a Dr. Cooks
bitless bridle, I opted for a rope halter
for authenticity.

This is was our first time shooting in public. This was a demonstration only! Not an official match, we were greenhorns to the sport.

"Thanks to Jody Joyce for taking some beautiful shots"

Photo by Aida Schreiber. 

Cachina placed 1st in her first 3 competitions as a Ladies 1. Cachina and I traveled to Ohio as a level 2 shooter. I did not excepect to do as good as I did. I shot clean all three days! We moved up to a Ladies Level 3 in "08" our second year competing.

Now you see it

Photo's by Paul Tassi

Now you don't!

Cowgirls have more fun!
Helen Cheney on Violet, Cathie on Ruger.
Mothers Day 2011 New Boston, NH

And here in 2012 a year later, we had not competed or practiced since last year

Ruger was awesome, me... I need to practice!

Cachina and Cathie  2006? CT

Cachina was sold in "08" but back home in 2012 Laughing


Ruger and Cathie 2010

Cathie and Cachina 

This was taken at the benefit for
Love Lane Therapeutic Riding Facility

Christy Hatrick preparing run (trot) at her first
Cowboy Mounted Shooting event. She came in 2nd in her class.
This was her 14th time in the saddle.
Woo Hoo!


Dorothy and her little dog Toto

Cathie and Cachina Halloween Shoot

My ruby slippers are hidden by the tapadero's. Photo by Ron Pownel


Ross Taylor was under the black cloth, I had to be still for over 10 minutes for this pose.

Shooting Lessons available at Bobcat Farm dry fire only will travel to another location to for live fire
Call for details click here to see a student's video of her first session
Look at Mothers Day shot (Photo above) Helen and her own horse Violet.

     All three horses Ruger, Cachina, and Violet on this page are ridden bitless, they have all been trained to shoot bitless.

Last Updated 1/10/2020

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