Problem Horses 

There are many different types of problems, click on picture testimonials to see if yours is listed.

I begin by teaching them to lunge respectfully! I'm referring to a relaxed horse walking and stopping nicely on command - not a crazed animal flying around it's handler, ignoring repeated request to Whoa! or Walk please!

(Ever see that cartoon with the horse jumping off a steep cliff, the rider yelling "whoa dammit, whoa! )

This type of "training " Lunging the horse allowing him to run wildly, to burn off steam only serves to teach a horse to fear, disrespect, and disobey. You can NOT tire him out enough to make him behave. Any horse can always pull out one more buck, or one more rear.

We want to work his mind, change his way of thinking so he never feels he has to do these things.

I'll address any problems you may be experiencing; refusal to stand to be mounted, ignoring the bit, bucking, rearing, biting, balking at jumps, or refusing to hit the trails. Stop putting up with these dangerous behaviors and start enjoying your horse. I'll cause a dramatic change in your horse's behavior in just one visit and, more importantly, teach you how to get the respect you deserve and keep it.

Ignoring the bit... I have had tremendous results in getting horses responsive; getting back to a snaffle. hand-tied halter or Dr. Cook's bitless bridle with complete control. Bad behaviors such as balking, bolting, rearing, bucking, refusing to stand to be mounted, etc., etc., are usually a direct result of pain or anticipation of pain that comes from a bit.

Horses are extremely sensitive animals. We have been taught to control them by means of a chain over their nose, or by putting a bit in there mouth.

I'd like to show you how less is more. I can teach you how to get more out of your horse by using less!

How many times have you been told to get a bigger bit, for more control? Chains and bits are extreme forms of punishment, used on highly sensitive tissue. Have you thought about what happens when you shank a horse with a chain. Either he submits, or he flees from the pain in the form of rearing or pulling away. Same thing under saddle; if he doesn't submit when he's gets pulled he rears, bucks, or bolts, till he's free of the pain, or braces against it. If we need to use metal to establish our leadership I think were not trying to hard. I never thought about the bit hurting the horse, I like most of you "set in and forget it" I can't believe I used bits for so many years with out a thought. These tools in a beginners hands can turn into a torture device. They are over kill, plain and simple, unless one is a master horseman.

If you must use a bit, I would still like to help you and your horse develop a better relationship. It is not my desire to make you feel bad about your choices. I have used chains over countless horses noses, and have hurt many horses and ponies mouths because I didn't have the knowledge of a better way to get my point across. I have also ridden many horses with bits than seem to have absolutely no aversion to them. Horse are amazing creatures with a strong desire to get along.

Even if your horse is not your backyard pet, but a competitive show horse I can teach you the techniques that will allow your horse to give you that something extra with a willing attitude. I'd love to help you achieve your goals.

Lastly, I'll teach you what your horse expects from you besides food and shelter - and that is for you to become his leader; the one that he feels safe with. If your horse can't trust you to keep him safe, then you can't put too much trust in him to keep you safe.

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