Riding Lessons

I am the only instructor that teaches here at Bobcat Farm

You will get a full hour of instruction, by a trainer with decades of experience.

 $85.00 hr.  

You must take one ground lesson $80 per hour.

Introductory ground lesson discounted to $65.00 hr. You are free to do them both the same day.

Click Here to learn about horsemanship lesson

For younger children 5 -10 years old.  With their shorter attention spans  A 30 minute lesson is available to start with.

Let me know when you book the lesson, if you want to start with 30 minutes.

This lesson will include learning how to brush a horse, helping to pick his feet.  Leading a horse, and then riding with a

lead rope attached until skills are mastered to be able to ride unassisted.  $50.00


I do not do group lessons until one has mastered basics as I need to have all my attention on you. 

Once deemed experienced enough, two riders will be allowed to ride together, or go on the trail with me along. Same price for second horse.

Complete beginner, or advanced rider. I believe you should understand how the horse thinks, how to move his feet and his body on the ground, as you develop a trusting, respectful, working partnership through ground work. (You are the leader in your herd of two). These ground skills are just as important as the skills you master under saddle.

You will start with catching your own horse, going through gates, bringing him/her into the barn, tying him/her, grooming, and tacking up your self under Cathie's supervision. Once a student has gained the skills to catch there horse safely, they can arrive 15 minutes early, catch your horse out of a herd, and spend time with them brushing and bonding that will not count as lesson time.

Lessons are taught in the ring. If desired, trail riding will be available once the rider can demonstrate full control at the walk and trot in the ring. You will advance to riding around the property over the grass. Your horse is not allowed to grab grass without permission while ridden. After that, you will be able to experience our wonderful trails right out back. Click Here to join me for a ride.

We are a predominatly western barn. But I have spent years riding my clients horses english and I can certainly teach you! 80% of my clients are english riders. I will admit to getting many of them to cross over to the wild side. Not because I pressured them. After riding with me they enjoyed the laid back atmosphere we provide and the fun they have.


                            Trail ride                                                         Presenting a clinic at Belmont Park 

If you are tired of getting pressured to do something you are not comfortable with, like jumping when you just started riding, or getting put on horses that wont stand to be mounted, or your just tired of going around in boring circles without learning much, please give Bobcat Farm a try. Besides learning to do an emergency dismount, you will never be asked to do something that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. You will learn strategies to keep you safe in the saddle, You will KNOW what to do should a horse spook, or try to to take over your ride. Riding should be fun, and safe! My horses are well trained. They will always stand to be mounted and wait for you to ask them to move off. I will make learning and your lesson fun!


                                                                  Above picture, me taking a beginner rider out on the trail with the lead line attached.

I recommend Bobcat Farm & Cathie for EVERYTHING horses! Whether for boarding your horse(s), taking lessons; riding instruction or horsemanship, you’ll find the highest level of safety standards , and a calming demeanor while you’re learning from her. Cathie is a true horse whisperer. Bobcat Farm is your small town, peaceful little barn that you will call your new happy horse place right after your first visit. It’s def mine! Gina  April 14th 2024


This is the place to go for anyone interested in riding, horsemanship and horse behavior. In the past 6+ months, working with Cathie, I've made great progress in my goal to learn Western riding and become more confident around these gorgeous creatures. Earlier this month, I traveled to Wyoming where I participated in a variety of long and challenging rides. With my safety skills and basic horsemanship training, I felt confident and secure throughout. The guides all commented on the good training I'd received. While there's still much to learn, Cathie is a true mentor and someone you can consult with forever. She's born and raised around horses and has unending knowledge. Many prestigious farms and organizations call on her for training and guidance. The farm itself is neat and comfortable, very easy to feel at home and find your way around. All of the animals-- cats, dogs, horses, even chickens and ducks-- are pampered, friendly and living the good life. If you have questions at all about lessons, training or caring for horses, give Bobcat Farm a call Bonnie Anderson

Our daughter Gabby has been taking lessons with Cathie for a few months now and absolutely loves them! Cathie is very knowledgeable and patient and Gabby has learned so much about horsemanship and riding. Her confidence is growing and she beams whenever she has a lesson. The horses are wonderful and very well cared for. We are very happy we decided to go with Bobcat Farms for lessons. Catherine Grintchenko Oct 2023


We are so happy to have found Cathie Hatrick-Anderson. She is amazing, very knowledgeable, and my daughter always has a blast in her lessons. She is learning horsemanship, western riding, barrel racing, and has gone on trail rides. She is the happiest girl ever when she is having a lesson with Cathie and her horses. Thank you, Cathie, for being here! Anine De Grood Jan 13th 2017

 “Cathie is a great teacher and riding instructor.   Her love for horses shows in all that she does.  She gracefully works with my daughters Sara and Anna, teaching to each, adapting to their individual personalities.  Her calm demeanor and exceptional knowledge of horse training is truly exceptional.  We were looking for a western saddle experience and the development of strong fundamentals. There is no better place for that.  Cathie also has been very welcoming and a great role model for my girls instilling a care for horses and a love of riding.  They look forward to every session.” Robert Masasi 1/15/2019                                                                                 Sara and Anna having a great time.

Taking lessons with Cathie has been an amazing experience! She has really helped me become a better rider. Tyler Gilman 4/9/ 17

Young or old, beginner or advanced rider, you

will learn invaluable skills Bobcat Farm. 


        First time ever taking lessons                            Over 60 it's never too late to learn, bareback teaches balance


      On a line the first time on a horse.                                     A dad learning to ride, so he can ride with his daughter


First time back in the saddle, after she had accident                  Later in the season in her favorite english tack, clearly confident!

on her horse                                                                                              

Expereinced rider wanting to learn more, or rider coming back after an accident I can help you, with my horses, or your own.

I teach all ages from 7 yrs and up,(my oldest student is 76 years old and has been riding with me for 6 years) in all seasons. we start a little later Nov-March around 11:00 am so the footing is softer. Must be above freezing as it's not fun if we can't feel our fingers and toes. (You will not be charged for cancelling if the weather does not cooperate) If it's cold, bring warm gloves not those $1.99 stretchy ones, WARM gloves, neck gator or scarf. It might look good where you live, but once you come dow my driveway there may be snow/ice, wear proper footwear, cleats are a great addition. The riding ring and trails could be lovely (or we would not ride) but this is a farm walking to the ring can be tricky, we salt/sand the best we can.

I had a great lesson on Friday 11/25/2016 with Cathie. You will see me riding bareback for the first time ever! And I did not fall off, LOL. I HIGHLY recommend Cathie as a riding instructor as well as how to work with horses. I am an intermediate rider who has just started to lease a horse. She even does "house visits!" She came to the farm and helped "train and teach" my horse. In reality, I know I am the one that needs to be trained! She has given me a wealth of information about "horse language." This is making a huge difference in the bonding with the horse that I lease. I am learning how important Ground Work and Lunging is to develop trust and understanding. I am learning to understand the cues the horse is giving me and how I communicate with my body movements & energy. I have also seen Cathie in action working with a horse at her barn. This horse has developed some VERY bad behaviors. Her commitment to helping this horse not be euthanized is noble and generous. To my friends, I call her another "horse whisperer" with her own style. I KNOW I have found a goldmine instructor. I am so blessed to have Cathie in my life. She is patient and understanding with me as I am learning. I don't feel stupid asking questions that seem stupid - like how should the saddle sit on the horse? I know I am a novice rider and novice being with horses, but even if you are an expert, I GUARANTEE, you will find Cathie is a wealth of information and you will learn a TON about yourself and your horse.

  I cant say enough about Cathie Hatrick-Anderson! First of all I had totally lost my confidence with horses after a horse related injury and was about to give up when I found Cathie. We started with hours of ground work with her two horses to help me regain my confidence. Cathie is very calm and explains everything with patience. When I was ready I moved onto riding and slowly I am back to dealing with and riding my own horses with confidence and actually finding joy in riding again. This IS ALL because of Cathie and her great training. Cathie helped me find and choose my Quarter horse Lacey. Before I decided to buy her Cathie and I went to where she was boarded. She did ground work with her first (which was amazing to watch) and then she rode her, then finally I did. I've had Lacey for two years now and shes one of the best horses I've ever owned. Cathie helped me find my perfect match! If you're looking for a new horse take Cathie with you, she'll help find you a great match also! Can't thank you enough Cath!!! Laurie Paradis 2/14/18

Once you are ready, and you have a desire to you have the opportunity to participate in off farm events.


              Versatility                                                               Team penning

                     Beach rides                                                Cowboy Mounted Shooting

                                                                 Be prepared to take advantage of our time together.

I have helmets available for the first several lessons if needed, you should bring closed toe shoe, preferrable with a heel.

Release must be signed by both parents if you are a minor. Please take the time to read this, you will need to sign it before working around or riding. I can e-mail you this document so you can bring it to your first lesson.

I do not sell packages, but  I never require you to take a certain amount of lessons. Come once a week, or once a month.

Please show up 10 - 15 minutes before your lesson starts as our time will begin promtly as scheduled. If you are late, our lesson will still end on the hour. Please don't cheat yourself.

These lessons are by appointment only, you can't just show up, we live here and expect our privacy when lessons are not scheduled.

If you cancel a lesson without a 3 day notice, be prepared to pay the full amount. If I cancel on you without a 24 hour notice I will give you the lesson free on another date. (Highly unlikley), but I train horses off farm many time traveling out of state for emergency training problems for my clients..

Your horse is NOT tacked up and waiting for you, First lessons included in the hour is time to go get your horse, tack up and groom, pick feet, untack, quick brush. This is all a part or being a horseman. Once you are comfortable getting your horse out by yourself, you can arrive early to groom/bond and it will not take away from your hour.                                                                                                 

    To save time please print out release and bring it with you.

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