Team Penning Highlights!

at Chipaway Stables

2013 It must have been hot, this is the FIRST time I've ever seen him sweat!


   2014  Ruger and Cathie win High point Champion presented by Pinky

2006 We started riding in Dr Cook's  Bitless Bridle
as soon as he began to carry the  "western version".

20011 Getting ready to put them in the pen!

Getting serious to turn this cow back as he was sneaking back to the herd.

If you'd like some great shots like these  above click here CA Hill Photo

Love to get a blue, but our team worked hard for this green we penned 3 cows every run.

If you like some great shots like these click here KMDavenport Photography

Taking a break in between runs.

Cathie with her son Wes on Cachina.

Go to the "You Tube" to see this picture come to life.

We were still using a rope halter, way back then. My son Wes is now 23 years old. The halter was halfway up her face but she was a good girl anyway. I now use vet wrap to make adjustments to the opening for the nose, that way the rope halter stays lower down the face closer to the nose, lower down, more leverage, more control.

 Updated 11/2/2014

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